Database layer done. Need some testers

I have finished up the database layer for Drupaltin 2 and need some testers. This database layer interfaces both the Drupal and vBulletin database to Drupaltin, which is a very important piece.

Something else which is new is the svn repository. I have started a repository for Drupaltin so it is easier to keep track of things. So far I have only committed the database layer, but I will soon be committing other code I have done ;-)

Checkout the the handbook page on SVN for more info on that.

It's Alive!

In the time since my last Drupaltin blog post a lot of things have happened. Probably one of the biggest is the release of vbDrupal 5. I want to start off by saying that Drupaltin and vbDrupal are not the same. vbDrupal is a fork of Drupal which is a heavily modified version of Drupal with it's own code thrown in the mix. It all sounds fine and dandy except the code is not built by hundreds of developers and tested by thousands and used by hundreds of thousands. What does this mean?

Dell cites overclocking issue with high-end quad-core PCs

It has stopped shipping its XPS 720 H2C for now

Dell Inc. has stopped taking orders for one model of its high-end desktop PCs, citing issues related to overclocking quad-core processors from Intel Corp.

Canonical Announces Details of Ubuntu for Mobile Internet Devices

Scheduled for October 2007 Launch

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 7, 2007 – Canonical Ltd., the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, announced more details on Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition at Computex 2007 in Taipei.

Following discussions at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Seville Spain and a great response from the developer community generally, the target specifications and technical milestones for the project have been agreed.

Sony Lightens PlayStation 2 in New Hardware Model

Sony's modern-classic PS2 goes on a dietPink PS2

With the PlayStation 3 feeling $100 lighter as of yesterday morning, Sony is also lifting some weight of from the venerable PS2. According to Japanese publication Nikkei Business Daily, by way of IGN, Sony is releasing a new hardware revision of the slim-line PS2.

The new model will appear to exactly the same as the current slimmed model, with the only distinguishing characteristics a new designation code of SCPH-79000 and lighter weight.

Corsair puts water cooling on ice

DDR Dominator developer Corsair has made a name for itself with memory but last year, after making cooling solutions only for RAM modules, it was entered the water-cooling club by releasing the Nautilus 500 system. The system featured a pretty basic setup and, although it was easy to install and had a price tag of only $200, it hasn't made a big enough splash.

Although we can't tell you any exact numbers, the Nautilus 500 hasn't been as successful as Corsair wanted and because of this the company has put cooling projects on hold indefinitely.

Is your phone free?

The OpenMoko project has debuted what could be the ultimate geek handset: a Linux-based mobile phone, complete with an open-source operating system and application suite.

The Neo 1973 handset, which starts at $300, has been under development for the last six months. OpenMoko encourages developers to get their hands dirty by supplying a complete software development kit along with the phone. The advanced edition even comes with a Torx T6 screwdriver for those whose hacking isn't limited to software.

Manufactured by First International Computer, of Taipei, the Neo 1973 is intended to be a hacker's mobile phone, an open platform that anyone and everyone can programme and play with. The idea is that a multitude of small-scale tweaks and developments will create something with which large companies can't complete, the same way that Linux has proved successful.

OpenMoko's Neo 1973: in black and orange

AMD to Can Single-core, Cut Dual-core Prices on Monday

Bruised but not broken, AMD fires off another volley of price cuts across Core 2 Duo's bow

With only a month until the most anticipated AMD product launch in five years, the company is pulling out all the stops to get competitive before the Back to School buying season.

Exploding mobile phone battery causes fatality

Safety concerns surrounding the reliance of cell phone batteries have been thrust into the spotlight this week following the tragic news of the death of a Chinese labourer who was killed when a phone battery abruptly exploded while in his breast pocket.

According to a report posted by the Associated Press, official Chinese state media news agency Xinhua has confirmed that welder Xiao Jinpeng died from sustained injuries on June 19 while working at the Yingpan Iron Ore Dressing facility in Gansu Jinta.

AMD Phenom expected in November

AMD's delays on their latest product lines haven't helped them any, and in fact have made the market a pushover for Intel. Even now, motherboard manufacturers are estimating that AMD will make their latest and greatest Phenom CPUs available no sooner than November. It also seems that at launch, a mere four varieties of Phenom will show up – making it a bit difficult for retailers to craft a wide variety of options for their customers. In fact, only two models of quad-core Phenom are expected to be available.
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